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Modern Automotive Antenna Measurements

Modern Automotive Antenna Measurements

Copyright: 2022
Pages: 367
ISBN: 9781630818494

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This book provides practical and theoretical aspects for automotive antenna measurements. It comprehensively covers all the information you need to design, develop, place, and use antennas and antenna systems in automotive applications. Special chapters are devoted to some of the most advanced topics in this area, including OTA measurements for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) applications, emulation of virtual drive testing, and specific topics for measurements of automotive RADAR systems. You will understand the various measurement techniques specifically for automotive antennas, including chamber design, absorbers, near-to-far field transformation, and some of the newest techniques such as the use of drones. The book presents both well accepted and standard practices and includes innovative methods that help you quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving field of automotive antenna testing today. This is an excellent reference for antenna engineers, automotive system designers, and anyone who measures and designs antennas for automotive applications.
Introduction to Automotive Antenna Measurements, Near-Field vs. Far-Field Technique, Near-to-Far Field Transformation, Chamber Design & Analysis, Single and Multi-Probe Systems for Automotive Measurements, OTA Measurements, In-Situ Acquisition Systems for Automotive Measurements: Drone and Handheld Approaches, Advanced Post-Processing Techniques, Virtual Drive Testing, V2X Automotive Measurements, and Epilogue.
  • Lars J. Foged

    has been the scientific director at Microwave Vision Group and associate director of Microwave Vision in Italy since 2001. His education includes a B.S. in electrical engineering from Aarhus Teknikum in Denmark and a M.S. in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology. Lars has authored and co-authored more than 200 journal and conference papers on antenna design and measurement, is a book author, has been a contributing author to 6 books, and he holds 4 patents.

  • Manuel Sierra CastaƱer

    has been employed in academia at Technical University of Madrid in Spain since 1998, he is currently a professor. He has been director of several research projects, has published 40 papers in scientific journals and he has directed 8 PhD Thesis. His education includes a B.S. in telecommunication engineering and a Ph.D. in telecommunication engineering, both from Technical University of Madrid in Spain. Currently, Dr. Sierra’s research interests are in planar antennas and antenna measurement systems.

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