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Multisensor Data Fusion

Multisensor Data Fusion

By (author): Edward Waltz
Copyright: 1990
Pages: 464
ISBN: 9780890062777

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Explains numeric and symbolic approaches to data association, tracking combination, classification, and situation assessment, and provides an overview of data fusion theory and mathematical formalisms.
  • Edward Waltz

    is Professor of Practice (Intelligence) in the Center for Multiunit Studies (CMIS) at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) where he conducts research in intelligence processing from multiple intelligence sources. Prior to joining NPS in 2018, he was Division Chief, Advanced Concepts at the National Reconnaissance Office while a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Virginia Tech, serving an IPA position within the U.S. Intelligence Community. where is the Division Chief, leading intelligence process research focused on automating intelligence collection and data integration. Prior to 2013 he held numerous research leadership roles: BAE Systems Advanced Information Technologies (Chief Scientist), General Dynamics, and Veridian (Technical Director, Senior Scientist) - developing and deploying signal processing, data fusion and intelligence analysis capabilities. He led numerous hard target Multiunit studies and tool developments over two decades for different agencies of the IC. His prior experience was as a digital signal processor designer (Apollo, NASA Multispectral scanner, LANDSAT,) systems engineer (Navy Radiometer, SEASAT, Space Shuttle) and Systems Engineering Manager (AN/UPX-30(V), Tri-Service Mark XV). Since 2015 he has been an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Intelligence, Patrick Henry College. He has given over 45 international lecture series (2 and 3-day courses) on intelligence topics during the period 1990-2010.

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