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Nano-Optics and Near-Field Optical Microscopy

Nano-Optics and Near-Field Optical Microscopy

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 376
ISBN: 9781596932838

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Developments in nanoscience, biotechnology and photonics are on the verge of offering great opportunities for the exploration of optical interactions at the nanoscale. Today, there is an ever-increasing need for optical imaging tools that are able to resolve features at the length-scales relevant for biological cells, molecules, and complexes, as well as for the rapidly developing class of materials known as nanostructures. Addressing this need, this groundbreaking book focuses on near-field microscopy which has opened up optical processes at the nanoscale for direct inspection. Further, it explores the emerging area of nano-optics which promises to make possible optical microscopy with true nanometer resolution. This frontline resource helps you achieve high resolution optical imaging of biological species and functional materials. You also find guidance in the imaging of optical device operation and new nanophotonics functionalities. From near-field photonic forces - to tip-enhanced optical spectroscopy - to nano-optics with single quantum systems, this cutting-edge volume serves as a one-stop review of modern nano-optical and nano-imaging techniques, applications, and developments.
Optics at the Nanometer Scale. Near-Field Photonic Forces. Nano-Optics with Single Quantum Systems. Near-Field Second-Harmonic Generation. Scanning Near-Field Microscopy and Lithography of Light-Emitting Polymers. Near-Field Characterization of Planar Photonic-Crystal-Waveguide Structures. Tracking Light Pulses with Near-Field Microscopy. Near-Field Optical Characterization of Plasmonic Materials. High Enhancement and Near-Field Localization of Light on Semi-Continuous Films. Nano-Optics with Hybrid Plasmonic Nanoparticles. Near-Field Nanoscopy by Elastic Light Scattering from a Tip. Single-Molecule Contrast Mechanisms in Tip-Enhanced Fluorescence Microscopy. Tip-Enhanced Optical Microscopy. Near-Field Optical Molecular Structuring and Manipulation Based on the Use of Localized Surface Plasmons. Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy. Recent Developments.; To view complete TOC:; Click Google Preview button under book title above, then click on Contents tab.;
  • David Richards David Richards is a professor or physics at King 's College London. He earned both his M.A. and his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Richards is a fellow of the Institute of Physics.
  • Anatoly Zayats Anatoly Zayats is a professor of physics at the Queen 's University of Belfast. He holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in physics, both from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Dr. Zayats is a fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Optical Society of America
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