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New Photonics Technologies for the Information Age

New Photonics Technologies for the Information Age The Dream of Ubiquitous Services

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 236
ISBN: 9781580536974

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This far-reaching resource gives you an in-depth look at the technological developments fueling the drive to the realization of ubiquitous IT services. Based on groundbreaking papers presented at the International Symposium on New Frontiers for Ubiquitous IT Services, the book describes a wide range of state-of-the-art engineering advances in photonics, sensing, electronics, micro-mechatronics, networks, and communication schemes, introduced by some of the leading pioneers in the field. You get details on cutting-edge design innovations in technologies like nanophotonics, femtosecond pulse processing, and optical coherence tomography together with a thorough look at emerging applications that run the gamut from biomedical sensors and intra-body networks to smartù buildings and long haul communications. You also get a solid read on the increasingly successful use of photonic crystal fibers, quasi-phasematched nonlinear optics, optical fiber sensors, and millimeter-wave photonic technologies in communications and sensing. A section on the standardization for optical communications and sensors, plus a look at the challenges in ubiquitous IT services yet to be tackled, round out this indispensable report on the advances that have brought us to the threshold of a new age in information technology.
New Frontiers For Ubiquitous IT Services, S. Sudo ; New Frontiers of Discovery and Innovation, R. L. Byer, Stanford University ; Photonic Crystal Fibers in Communications & Sensing, P. S. J. Russell, University of Bath ; Quasi-Phasematched Nonlinear Optics and Their Applications to Optical Communications, M. M. Fejer, Stanford University ; Femtosecond Pulse Processing and Applications to Optical Communications, A. M. Weiner, Purdue University ; Global Network: Prospect for the Future, V. W. S. Chan, MIT ; Standards for Optical Communications and Sensing, G. W. Day, NIST ; Physics and Applications of Nanophotonics, M. Ohtsu, TITech ; Optical Coherence Tomography and the Related Techniques for Biomedical Applications, M. Haruna, Osaka University ; Optical Fiber Sensors for Smart Materials/Structures and Optical Communications, K. Hotate, University of Tokyo ; A Near-Field-Sensing Transceiver for Intra-Body Communications, M. Shinagawa, NTT ; Millimeter-Wave Photonic Technologies for Communications and Sensor Applications, T. Nagatsuma, NTT ;
  • Motoichi Ohtsu
  • Katsunari Okamoto Katsunari Okamoto is director of Okamoto Laboratory Ltd. in Mito, Japan.
  • Shoichi Sudo Shoichi Sudo is director of NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories in Atsugi-shi, Japan, and was the organizer of the recent International Symposium on New Frontiers for Ubiquitous IT Services held in Japan. He is also the coauthor of Frequency Stabilization of Semiconductor Laser Diodes (Artech House, 1995).
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