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Next Generation Intelligent Networks

Next Generation Intelligent Networks

By (author): Johan Zuidweg
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 366
ISBN: 9781580535717

If you want an up-to-date, in-depth understanding of next generation intelligent networks (IN), this book is essential reading. It provides you with a comprehensive survey of current and emerging intelligent telecommunications networks, including underlying software, implementation, deployment and standards. It assesses the influence of mobile networks and IP technology on the directions that IN is taking now, and looks at the way middleware is eliminating the dependence of service logic on the underlying network protocols. Moreover, it discusses the role of IN in tomorrow's network. Next Generation Intelligent Networks investigates how service creation is taking on board state-of-the-art distributed object-oriented programming techniques. The book focuses on emerging software architectures for programming and deploying value-added services, and proposes a vision of value-added services in the network of the future. Learn how new initiatives such as Soft switches, JAIN, Parlay, OSA, TINA and CAMEL help you to more effectively handle the new challenges brought on by the rapid growth of cellular mobile networks and the Internet.
Preface. ; Introduction - The Telephone Network. Computer Communications. Mobile Networks. The Contents of This Book. Reading This Book. ; Intelligent Networks - Common Channel signaling System #7. The IN Standards. Service Plane. Global Functional Plane. Distributed Functional Plane. Physical Plane. Capability Set 2. Capability sets 3 and 4. Implementing IN. ; IN and Internet - IP, Internet, Web: Which is Which? Intelligence in the Internet. Interaction Between the Internet and IN. Managing Services via Internet. ; The Mobile Dimension - Cellular Networks. GSM. GPRS. CAMEL. Internet in the Mobile. Mobile Specific Services. Third Generation Mobile Networks. ; Distributing Intelligence - Parlay.Open Services Access (OSA). Using OSA. Implementing OSA. OSA Applications.; Telecommunications Middleware - TINA. TINA Service Architecture. TINA Network Resource Architecture. TINA 's Future. OBJECT Management Group. Telecommunication Domain Task Force. ; Service Creation - From SIBs to Objects. Java in Telecommunications. JAIN. Call Processing Language. Feature Interactions. ; Scenarios for Evolution - Next Generation Networks. Convergence or Divergence? Intelligent Networks Evolution. If It Ain 't Broke, Why Fix It?; Standards. Websites. Glossary. Bibliography. Author Biography. Index.;
  • Johan Zuidweg Johan Zuidweg has an ICT consultancy called Next Generation Networks Research and incubates Internet start-ups. He earned his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in computer science from Leiden University.
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