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Non-repudiation in Electronic Commerce

Non-repudiation in Electronic Commerce

By (author): Jianying Zhou
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781580532471

Hardback $95.00 Qty:
With more and more businesses shifting emphasis towards the Internet, new ways of protecting transacting parties are needed in the world of e-commerce. This unique, new resource shows you how to create, collect, validate and maintain cryptographic evidence, such as digital signatures, in order to support the settlement of possible electronic transaction disputes. It presents a systematic description of non-repudiation services, examples on the integration of these services into specific e-commerce applications, and a detailed analysis and comparison of typical non-repudiation mechanisms. The book investigates fundamental aspects of non-repudiation, including general goals and typical electronic transaction disputes. You get a thorough overview of the types of cryptographic evidence, the validity of evidence used in dispute resolution, and the technical infrastructure and legal framework for the provision of non-repudiation services in electronic commerce. Moreover, this book defines the fairness in non-repudiation services, presents typical fair protocols, and reviews related ISO standards.
  • Jianying Zhou Jianying Zhou is project manager at Kent Ridge Digital Labs in Singapore, where he leads an R&D team that develops network security technologies. He is actively involved in the academic world, serving on international conference committees and publishing papers for well-known journals. Dr. Zhou holds an M.Sc. in computer science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Ph.D. in information security from the University of London.
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