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On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-embedding

On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-embedding

By (author): Errikos Lourandakis
Copyright: 2016
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781630810566

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This new authoritative resource presents the basics of network analyzer measurement equipment and troubleshooting errors involved in the on-wafer microwave measurement process. This book bridges the gap between theoretical and practical information using real-world practices that address all aspects of on-wafer passive device characterization in the microwave frequency range up to 60GHz. Readers find data and measurements from silicon integrated passive devices fabricated and tested in advance CMOS technologies. Basic circuit equations, terms and fundamentals of time and frequency domain analysis are covered. This book also explores the basics of vector network analyzers (VNA), two port S-parameter measurement routines, signal flow graphs, network theory, error models and VNA calibrations with the use of calibration standards.
Measurement Equipment; Network Analyzer Basics and Calibration; Silicon Integrated Passive Devices; On-Wafer De-embedding Methods; Experimental Device Characterization in CMOS; A recipe for successful on-wafer characterization; Appendix I: Linear Network Theory; Passive Device Metrics; Appendix II: Even- and Odd-Mode Excitations; S-parameters with Even-and Odd-Mode Signals; Appendix III: MATLAB Codes.
  • Errikos Lourandakis Errikos Lourandakis is an experienced microwave engineer and educator with a solid scientific track record and a career of more than 10 years both in academia and industry. He received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece, in 2005. In the same year he joined the Institute for Electronics Engineering in Erlangen, Germany as a research assistant. His research in the microwave engineering field was focused on tunable and frequency agile microwave circuit design and resulted in receiving his Ph.D. in 2009. Dr. Lourandakis joined Helic Inc., in 2009 and currently holds the position of senior R&D engineer. He is involved in modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena and EDA tool development for silicon integrated devices. Dr. Lourandakis serves as an expert user and administrator of Helic's in-house silicon RF laboratory and is in charge of the physical characterization of silicon integrated devices and circuits. Dr. Lourandakis is as a peer-reviewer for the international journal of Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER), the IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation journal and is a member of the reviewer panel for the European Microwave Week. Dr. Lourandakis is the author of several journal and conference papers in the microwave engineering community.


Review: IEEE Microwave Magazine - June 1, 2017

The focus of his book is the complex subject of on-wafer measurements and their associated characterization techniques. Dr. Lourandakis aims to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world silicon design and measurement and thus satisfy the needs of modern-day RF integrated circuit designers and researchers. His purpose is to provide a complete and comprehensive guide for performing on-wafer measurements, calibration, and de-embedding of silicon-integrated passive devices. On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-Embedding offers a solid theoretical foundation along with real-world practical guidance in on-wafer CMOS passive component measurements for lab professional and researchers. It can also provide newcomers with an excellent head start.

Review: Microwave Journal - November 1, 2016

On-Wafer RF measurements are central to the RF/microwave semiconductor industry, from model development to IC design and, in many cases, IC production. "On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-embedding" is a comprehensive treatment of making on-wafer measurements and processing the raw data to extract device performance from the measurement artifacts. Written for "hands on" engineers the information is concise and practical.

Review by: Yorgos Koutsoyannopoulos, Helic, Inc. - July 1, 2016

Dr. Lourandakis demystifies the art of on-wafer measurements by offering a solid theoretical foundation along with a wealth of practical guidelines to help researchers and lab professionals characterize silicon devices for numerous high-speed applications ranging from 5G RFICs, to automotive radars, to multi-Gbps SoCs.

Review by: Rob Sloan, Royal Society Industrial Fellow - July 1, 2016

This book provides an excellent narrative for those engineers wishing to understand on-wafer calibration techniques from the absolute basics up to an advanced level. The early chapters build up from the operation of the vector network analyser and the basics of calibration steadily advancing to on-wafer calibration algorithms such as TRL and LRM and de-embedding routines. Finally their application in DUT measurements for active and passives on silicon are covered but much of this transposes to other substrates including GaAs. This is certainly a book I would recommend to my students as a primer for on-wafer device measurement and as a prelude to parameter extraction and device modelling.

Review by: Tibault Reveyrand, University of Colorado, Boulder - July 1, 2016

On-Wafer Microwave Measurements and De-embedding offers its readers a complete understanding of on-wafer vectorial network analyzer measurement techniques. Errikos Lourandakis presents a clear, precise, and elegant document to master all the techniques related to on-wafer vectorial network measurements. The author is testifying a great pedagogy by numerous concrete examples making this book an important supplement in educating RF and microwave engineers. Any engineer desiring to work with a microwave/ RF probe station should own this book.

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