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Optics of Quantum Dots and Wires

Optics of Quantum Dots and Wires

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 592
ISBN: 9781580537612

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Quantum technology is the key to next-generation optoelectronics and laser semiconductors, and this new cutting-edge book is an in-depth examination of how quantum dots and wires are fabricated and applied to optics. You find a solid tutorial on the optical properties of nanoscale dots and wires that explains the current state of this technology and why it is so promising. The book presents a detailed survey of techniques based on molecular beam epitaxial growth for fabricating semiconductor quantum dots and wires. You learn how to assess these growth strategies for insertion of dots and wires into devices. Special focus is given to bottom-up growth methods that have the most potential for fabricating atomically precise structures. Each type of these structures is characterized optically, so their properties can be modeled for application at the system level. This unique resource concludes with a discussion of how quantum dots and wires can be applied to next-generation semiconductor lasers and optical sources, as well as to single photon sources and quantum coherent optoelectronics.
The Optics of Quantum Wires and Dots: AnIntroduction.; Carrier Relaxation in Nanostructures and Its Implication for Optical Properties.; Spectroscopy of Single Quantum Dots Obtained by Stranski-Krastanow Growth.; Optical Properties of Quantum Dots Induced by Self-Assembled Stressors.; Novel Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures Grown on Nonplanar Substrates by Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition.; Cleaved Edge Overgrowth; T-Shaped Quantum Wires and Dots.; Optical Properties and Lasing in Self-Organized Quantum Dots. ; High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy of Single Quantum Dots in Quantum Wells.; High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots: Fine Structure of Excitonic Complexes.; Quantum Dot Diodes.; Dots As Single Photon Sources.; Editor Biographies.;
  • Garnett W. Bryant Garnett W. Bryant is a physicist with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from Indiana University and a B.S. in physics for the University of Kentucky.
  • Glenn S. Solomon Glenn S. Solomon is an assistant professor at Stanford University. He holds a Ph.D. in material science and engineering and a M.S.E. in electrical engineering both from Stanford University.
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