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Over the Air Measurement for Wireless Communication Systems

Over the Air Measurement for Wireless Communication Systems

By (author)s: Yihong Qi, James L. Drewniak
Copyright: 2024
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781630819965

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Over the Air Measurement for Wireless Communication Systems is a complete and cutting-edge guide to the performance evaluation of wireless systems, such as 5th Generation wireless communications (5G) and beyond, Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV), wireless sensors, and smart world wireless terminals. The book covers critical specifications for wireless communication systems, including Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS).


Readers are provided with the most recent advancements in applications like massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Over the Air Measurements (OTA), as well as in-depth knowledge of the OTA systems and OTA test and measurement algorithms. The book offers a profound understanding of OTA systems alongside comprehensive OTA test and measurement algorithms. It navigates through the methodologies adhering to standards set by systems such as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association (CTIA), Single-Input Single-Output (SISO), and MIMO OTA measurements.


With its expansive coverage and detailed insights, the book is an invaluable guide to wireless communication systems. This is a great source for a wide range of professionals, including wireless system managers, antenna and RF engineers, certification and measurement experts, consultants, researchers, and advanced students. Its relevance extends to certification specialists, test engineers, and project managers involved in the meticulous selection of appropriate OTA systems.


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 System performance measurement
1.2 Subsystem measurement vs. system measurement
1.3 Antenna temperature with shared impedance
1.4 Radio sensitivity measurement
1.5 Controlled environment measurements
1.6 Figures of merit for OTA measurement
1.7 Outline of OTA measurements


Chapter 2 Over-the-Air Measurement
2.1 OTA testing solutions
2.2 Measurement Chambers
2.3 Measurement Methodologies and Algorithms
2.4 Critical Components
2.5 OTA system measurement error Chapter 3 Calibration antennas


Chapter 3 Calibration antennas
3.1 Calibration dipole and loop requirements
3.2 Calibration dipole antenna
3.3 Calibration loop antennas
3.4 Sources of measurement uncertainty
3.5 Calibration set-up and procedure


Chapter 4 Single input and single output system OTA measurements
4.1 SISO OTA measurement
4.2 RSSI based TIS measurement
4.3 Co-frequency TIS/TRP measurement
4.4 Frequency swept TIS measurement
4.5 SISO measurement errors


Chapter 5 Multiple input and Multiple output system OTA Measurement
5.1 MIMO Introduction
5.2 Fundamental MIMO system throughput evaluation
5.3 Multi-probe anechoic MIMO throughput evaluation
5.4 Radiated two stage MIMO throughput evaluation method
5.5 MIMO measurement system uncertainties


Chapter 6 The Radiated-Two-Stage method
6.1 Radiated Two Stage MIMO OTA system setup
6.2 Reporting phase and amplitude error correction
6.3 Inverse matrix of RTS
6.4 Fast and accurate RTS measurement method
6.5 Temperature effect in MIMO OTA measurement


Chapter 7 OTA Direct Connected Massive MIMO Measurement
7.1 Massive MIMO measurement
7.2 Mathematical Model
7.3 Theoretical foundation of OTA direct connected measurement
7.4 Directly Connected OTA measurement system
7.5 Decomposition Testing in Directly Connected OTA System


Chapter 8 Advanced OTA Measurement Methods
8.1 Computing Integrated OTA Measurement
8.2 Dynamic Calibration for Vehicle OTA Measurement

  • Yihong Qi

    is an engineer and researcher of electromagnetics. He is an adjunct professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology and Western University in Canada. He has received an IEEE EMC Society Technical Achievement Award, three CES innovation awards, CES Network Product of the year award and CES Wellness Product of the year award. He is the Founding Chair of the Technical Committee for Emerging Wireless Technologies in IEEE EMC society. Dr Qi is the Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Fellow of National Academy of Inventors.

  • James L. Drewniak

    was a Curator’s Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He was a founder and led the Missouri EMC Laboratory and developed it into an internationally recognized leader in EMC. After 28 years with the university, he retired and founded Clear Signal Solutions, a company providing measurement and characterization solutions for signal and power integrity applications. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, and recipient of the 2013 Richard R. Stoddart Award, the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society’s highest award for technical achievement.

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