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Practical Guide to Business Continuity Assurance

Practical Guide to Business Continuity Assurance

By (author): Andrew McCrackan
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9781580539289

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Here's a groundbreaking book that offers you a powerful new methodology for business continuity management - an approach designed to bind and enhance risk management, disaster prevention, and disaster recovery efforts to an optimum level of efficiency. This unique resource features a start-to-finish quantitative framework to assess, improve, and benchmark your organization's business continuity capabilities in response to potential terrorist acts, hackers, natural disasters, and other business-threatening events or errors. The book's seven-level capability model guides you through every step in implementing preventive and defensive measures to reduce the risk of such events. From vulnerability analysis, risk rating, and crisis management to server consolidation, data redundancy, and worker safety, the book provides both strategic and practical solutions to the many continuity challenges you may encounter in various heightened-risk scenarios. Moreover, this essential reference is unique in that it places disaster recovery within the larger context of business continuity management, helping you establish crucial linkages to facilitate optimal disaster recovery efforts should a crisis event prevail. Supported by detailed case studies and illustrative charts, this trail-blazing guide helps you set the standard for increased awareness and vigilance from boardroom to mail room, and successfully bring about an end-to-end continuity assurance program that is built into, not onto, your organization.
Introduction - Purpose & Scope. How to Use This Book. Current Standards & Literature. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. Gap Analysis. Integration of the Organization. Business & IT. Health & Safety. Security. Terrorism. Finance & Motivation. Insuring for Disaster. Selected Bibliographies; Approach - Key Components of Operation. Events & Event Responses. Facets of Business Continuity. Legacy Approach. Continuity Across the Organization.; Methodology - Overview. Offensive Stream. Defensive Stream. The Maturity Model. Achievement & Quality Assurance. Knowledge Transfer & Resource Management. Communication. Problem Solving & Root Cause.; Level 1: Rationalization - Organizational Positioning. Team Structure. Roles & Responsibilities. Resourcing. Management Tools. Security & Safety. Level 1 Performance Indicators.; Level 2: Risk Reduction - Vulnerability Analysis. Corrective & Preventative Action. Risk Identification. Risk Mitigation. Security & Safety. Level 2 Performance Indicators.; Level 3: Rating - Business Impact Assessment (BIA). Criticality Rating. Quantitative Analysis. Risk Rating. Security & Safety. Level 3 Performance Indicators.; Level 4: Rigor - Change & Configuration Management. Contingency Planning. Crisis Management. Design Assurance. Backup & Tape Management. Security & Safety. Level 4 Performance Indicators.; Level 5: Robustness - Server Consolidation. Storage Area Network (SAN). Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Common Operating Environment (COE). Distributed Systems. Renewal. Security & Safety. Level 5 Performance Indicators. ; Level 6: Resilience - Capability Configuration. Replication. Data Integrity. Data Redundancy. Geographic Diversity. People & Process. Associated Benefits. Security & Safety. Level 6 Performance Indicators.; Level 7: Recovery - Capability Configuration. Recovery Profiling. Fail-over Scenarios. Disaster Declaration. Fail-back. Environment Management. License Management. Location. Workplace Recovery. Testing. Security & Safety. Level 7 Performance Indicators.; Continuity Assurance Achievement Rating (CAAR) - Rating Matrix. Capability Scoring. Maturity Progression. Audit. ; Quality Assurance - Fundamental Concepts. Framework. Purpose & Strategy. Quality Balance. Approach.; Outsourcing & Commercial Management - Insource or Outsource. Recovery Site Providers. Request for Proposal (RFP). Running a Commercial Process. Vendor Selection. Negotiating Contracts. Ethics.; Case Studies - Study 1 - Telecommunications. Study 2 - Mining & Energy. ; Summation. List of Acronyms & Abbreviations. Index.;
  • Andrew McCrackan Andrew B. McCrackan is a senior manager for a major global management consultancy. A highly regarded business continuity and disaster recovery consultant for the past 10 years, his engagements have brought him to locations worldwide, most recently Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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