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Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design

Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design

By (author): Anil Pandey
Copyright: 2019
Pages: 480
ISBN: 9781630816681

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This comprehensive resource presents antenna fundamentals balanced with the design of printed antennas. Over 70 antenna projects, along with design dimensions, design flows and antenna performance results are discussed, including antennas for wireless communication, 5G antennas and beamforming. Examples of smartphone antennas, MIMO antennas, aerospace and satellite remote sensing array antennas, automotive antennas and radar systems and many more printed antennas for various applications are also included. These projects include design dimensions and parameters that incorporate the various techniques used by industries and academia.


This book is intended to serve as a practical microstrip and printed antenna design guide to cover various real-world applications. All Antenna projects discussed in this book are designed, analyzed and simulated using full-wave electromagnetic solvers. Based on several years of the author’s research in antenna design and development for RF and microwave applications, this book offers an in-depth coverage of practical printed antenna design methodology for modern applications.

Printed Antennas; Microstrip Antenna Design; Antenna Design for Wireless Communication and Mobile Phone; Smartphone Antenna Compliances and Measurement; Reconfigurable Frequency and Polarization Diversity Antenna; Printed Antenna Arrays; Antenna Arrays for Microwave Sensing and Imaging; Airborne SAR Arrays, Phased Array Antennas; Phased Array Beamforming for 5G Application; Broadband Antennas; Modern Antennas Design Trends and Applications; Automotive Antennas; Transceiver for Phased Array Radar; 5G Communication System.
  • Anil Pandey

    is the principal technical leader at Keysight Technologies. He has published 40 research papers in journals, proceedings, national and international conference s and holds two patents. He received his Master of Technology in RF microwave engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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