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Practical Microwave Circuits

Practical Microwave Circuits

By (author): Stephen A. Maas
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781608078004

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This book differentiates itself by presenting microwave and RF technology from a circuit design viewpoint, rather than a set of electromagnetic problems. The emphasis is on gaining a practical understanding of often overlooked but vital physical processes. This resource provides microwave circuit engineers with analytical techniques for understanding and designing high-frequency circuits almost entirely from a circuit point of view. Electromagnetic concepts are not avoided, but they are employed only as necessary to support circuit-theoretical ones or to describe phenomena such as radiation and surface waves in microstrip.
Preface.; Transmission Lines - Transmission Lines. Practical Considerations. Application: RC Transmission Line. Application: Multisection Quarter-Wave Transformer.; Coupled Transmission Lines and Modal Analysis - Even- and Odd-Mode Analysis. General, Multiple Coupled Lines. Balun Design. ; Scattering Parameters - Circuit Description in Terms of Wave Quantities. Properties of the Scattering Matrix. S Parameter Analysis of Two-Ports. Stability. Transfer Scattering Matrix.; Matching Circuits - Fundamentals. Narrowband Matching. Transmission-Line Transformers. Classical Synthesis. Distributed Networks. Modern Methods.; Circuit Analysis - Network Graph Analysis. Nodal Analysis. ; Circuit and Element Modeling - Circuit Characterization. Some Useful Nonexistent Components. Some Problematical Circuit Elements.; Active Two-Ports - Amplifier Theory. Noise. Amplifier Design.; Balanced and Quadrature-Coupled Circuits - 90- and 180-Degree Hybrid Junctions. Quadrature-Coupled Circuits. Balanced Amplifiers Using Baluns and 180-Degree; Hybrids ; About the Author. Index.;
  • Stephen A. Maas Stephen A. Maas is an independent consultant and the chief scientist of AWR Corporation. He earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UCLA.
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