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Practical Reliability Data Analysis for Non-Reliability Engineers

Practical Reliability Data Analysis for Non-Reliability Engineers

By (author)s: Darcy Brooker, Mark Gerrand
Copyright: 2020
Pages: 157
ISBN: 9781630818272

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This practical resource presents basic probabilistic and statistical methods or tools used to extract the information from reliability data to make sound decisions. It consolidates and condenses the reliability data analysis methods most often used in everyday practice into an easy-to-follow guide, while also providing a solid foundation from which to explore more complex methods if desired.


The book provides mathematical and Excel spreadsheet formulas to estimate parameters and confidence bounds (uncertainty) for the most common probability distributions used in reliability analysis. Several other Excel tools are provided to aid users without access to expensive, dedicated, commercial tools. This book and tools were developed by the authors after many years of teaching the fundamentals of reliability data analysis to a broad range of technical and non-technical military and civilian personnel, making it useful for both novice and experienced engineers.

About this Book; Background: Ten Key Concepts Underlying Reliability Analysis; Check the Nature of the Data Before Assuming Identical and Independent Distributions; Non-Parametric Data Analysis; Probability Distribution Representations; Weibull (Continuous) Distribution; Life Data Analysis - Weibull Probability Plotting; Exponential (Continuous) Distribution; Normal (Continuous) Distribution; Lognormal (Continuous) Distribution; Binomial (Discrete) Distribution; Poisson (Discrete) Distribution; Analysing Degradation Data; Preview Of Advanced Techniques.
  • Darcy Brooker is an L2 Director of Program Integration and Interoperability, CASG Joint Systems Division Communication Systems Branch, Department of Defence, Australia. He holds a Master of Engineering in reliability engineering, a Master of Science in information technology, a Master of Science in computer science, a Master of Engineering Science, a Master of Management Studies in project management, a Master of Business Administration in technology management and a Master of Science in operations research/analysis.
  • Mark Gerrand is a reliability engineer. He received a Master of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering from Federated University.
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