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Preparing and Delivering Effective Technical Presentations Second Edition

Preparing and Delivering Effective Technical Presentations Second Edition

Copyright: 2000
Pages: 302
ISBN: 9781580530170

Hardback $31.00 Qty:
Featuring new and updated material referencing technological advances since the first edition, the new edition of Preparing and Delivering Effective Technical Presentations is a unique resource that helps you succeed as a technical professional. This book zeroes-in on practical ways in which technical professionals can execute well-prepared, comprehensible, information-packed technical briefings. With this book, you learn how to...Establish and achieve specific goals for your presentation; Understand your audience and customize your presentation to meet their particular needs; Select appropriate visuals and graphics, and methods of display or projection, that will enhance key aspects of your presentation; Handle logistical considerations such as selection of the presentation venue, room layout, scheduling, delivery of required equipment, and issues of comfort and safety; plus the logistics and coordination of large-scale, multi-speaker engagements; Deal with special situations, such as those involving translators or an unfriendly audience. This new second edition features real-world examples to help you understand key concepts and offers exercises you can do to improve or solidify your technical presentation skills. With this updated resource, seasoned technical professionals can refine their presentation skills and build on prior experience, while younger technical professionals can take advantage of this comprehensive lesson and start of on the right foot.
Introduction. Before You Even Start. Outlining. Visual Aids - Designing and Using Them. Visual Aids - Creating Them. Logistics. Presentation Technique. Cruel and Unusual Circumstances. Managing the Multiple-Speaker Briefing. Real-World Briefings. Appendices.
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