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Production Testing of RF and System-on-a-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications

Production Testing of RF and System-on-a-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications

By (author)s: Joseph Kelly, Keith B. Schaub
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 278
ISBN: 9781580536929

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With the increasing number of integrated wireless devices being developed with SOC (system on a chip) technology, a merger of RF and mixed-signal test approaches is quickly becoming a necessity. Addressing this need head-on, this first-of-its-kind resource offers you an in-depth overview of RF and SOC product testing for wireless communications. The book introduces new, creative methods that lead to more efficient testing, such as multi-site and parallel testing. You learn how to determine critical measurements for specific applications, including Bluetooth, WLAN, and 3G devices. Moreover, the book shows you how to perform these measurements cost effectively in a production test environment. This hands-on reference provides you with the time-saving algorithms and practical techniques you need to handle your challenging projects with speed and confidence. The book also offers a thorough understanding of the capital expenditures involved in production testing, to help you make sound investment decisions. You discover a cost-of-test model that helps you compare and contrast production testing methods with ease.
AnIntroduction to Production Testing - Characterization Versus Production Testing. The Test Program. Production-Test Equipment. Rack and Stack. Automated Test Equipment. Interfacing with the Test Equipment. Calibration. The Test Floor and Test Cell. Test Houses. Accuracy, Repeatability, and Correlation. Design for Testing. Built-in Self Test.; RF and SOC Devices - RF Low Noise Amplifier. RF Power Amplifier. RF Mixer. RF Switch. Variable Gain Amplifier. Modulator. Demodulator. Transmitter. Receiver. Transceiver. Wireless Radio Architectures. Superheterodyne Wireless Radio. Zero Intermediate Frequency Wireless Radio. Phase Locked Loop. RF and SOC Device Tests.; Cost of Test - Wafer Processing Improves cost of Test. Early Testing of the SOC. SCM and IDM. SOC Cost-of-Test Paradigm Shift. Key Cost-of-Test Modeling Parameters. Other Factors Influencing COT.; Production Testing of RF Devices - Measuring Voltage Versus Measuring Power. Transmission Line Theory Versus Lumped-Element Analysis. The History of Power Measurements. The Importance of Power. Power Measurement Units and Definitions. The Decibel. Power Expressed in dBm. Power. Average Power. Pulse Power. Modulated Power. RMS Power. Gain. Gain Flatness. Power-Added Efficiency. Transfer Function for RF Devices. Power Compression. Mixer Conversion Compression. Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortion. Adjacent channel Power Ratio. Filter Testing. S-Parameters.; Production Testing of SOC Devices - SOC Integration Levels. Origins of Bluetooth.Introduction to Bluetooth. Frequency Hopping. Bluetooth Modulation. Bluetooth Data Rates and Data Packets. Adaptive Power Control. The Parts of a Bluetooth Radio. Phase Locked Loop. Divider. Phase Detector, Charge Pumps, and LPF. Voltage controlled Oscillator. How Does a PLL Work? Synthesizer Settling Time. Testing Synthesizer Settling Time in Production. Power Versus Time. Differential Phase Versus Time. Digital Control of an SOC. Transmitter Tests. Receiver Tests. BER Receiver Measurements. EVMIntroduction.; Fundamentals of Analog and Mixed-Signal Testing - Sampling Basics and Conventions. The Fourier Transform and the FFT. Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Description and Dependencies. Nyquist Sampling Theory. Dynamic Measurements. Static Measurements. Real Signals and Their Representations. ENOB and Noise Floor: Similarities and Differences. Phase Noise and Jitter. I/Q Modulation and Complex FFTs. ZIF Receivers and DC Offsets.; Moving Beyond Production Testing - Parallel Testing of digital and Mixed-Signal Devices. Parallel Testing of RF SOC Devices. True Parallel RF Testing. Pseudoparallel RF Testing. Alternative Parallel RF Testing Methods. Guidelines for Choosing and RF Testing Method. Interleaving Technique. DSP Threading. True Parallel RF Testing Cost-of-Test Advantages and Disadvantages. Psuedoparallel RF Testing Cost-of-Test Advantages and Disadvantages.Introduction to Concurrent Testing. Design for Test.; Production Noise Measurements -Introduction to Noise. Noise Figure. Phase Noise.;
  • Joseph Kelly Joe Kelly is a Wireless Center of Expertise RF technical consultant at Agilent Technologies. Dr. Kelly earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Ceramic and Materials Engineering at Rutgers University. He is a frequent presenter at international conferences and workshops.
  • Keith B. Schaub Keith B. Schaub is a Wireless Center of Expertise Senior RF technical consultant at Agilent Technologies. Mr. Schaub has over 10 years of professional engineering experience and received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas.
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