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Renewable Energy Technologies and Resources

Renewable Energy Technologies and Resources

By (author): Nader Anani
Copyright: 2019
Pages: 172
ISBN: 9781630815738
List Price: $149.00

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This exciting new book presents an excellent coverage of renewable energy technologies and resources. The book focuses on photovoltaics, hydro, tidal, wind, and biomass systems. It explains the scientific principles and physical systems used for harvesting and harnessing of renewable resources and makes comprehensive use of worked examples and problems. Readers will also learn how to effectively calculate the cost and payback time for a given renewable energy plant by understanding the factors affecting the cost of generating electricity from a renewable energy system. The book uses a simplified mathematical approach and provides appropriate background material.


The ultimate objective of the book is to provide a concise text book for university students on science and engineering courses as well as for professional practitioners.

Introduction: Basic Concepts; Photovoltaics Part I: Background Material; Photovoltaics Part II: Characteristics and Circuit Modeling of PV Cells; Photovoltaics Part III: PV Arrays Operation and Characteristics; Photovoltaics Part IV: PV Generating Systems; Hydro Energy; Tidal Energy; Wind Energy; BioEnergy; Costing a Renewable Energy Project.

  • Nader Anani

    is an associate professor in electrical engineering and the head of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Division at the University of Chichester. He has authored dozens of journal articles and conference papers, and is senior member of IEEE. He received his Ph.D. from Manchester Metropolitan University.

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