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Security, Rights, and Liabilities in E-Commerce

Security, Rights, and Liabilities in E-Commerce

By (author): Jeffrey H. Matsuura
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 270
ISBN: 9781580532983

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This book provides you with a clear overview of the legal and public policy issues associated with computer network and electronic transaction security. It identifies the various forms of potential legal and commercial liability associated with failures of computer network and electronic security, and advises you of what legal claims may be raised, by whom, and the potential impact of these claims. Methods to reduce or eliminate liability are discussed, presenting practical, operational guidance to help you. The book also describes the legal rights of computer system and electronic commerce operators that can be applied to help preserve security and to recover in the event that security is breached. This discussion of legal rights includes advice on how you can effectively enforce your rights. The focus is on legal rights and responsibilities associated with private networks, Internet service providers, commercial Web sites, business-to business industry online commerce exchanges, and Internet auctions systems. Civil, criminal, and regulatory legal requirements are examined with a discussion of applicable U. S and foreign legal concerns.
Overview - Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Computer Network and Electronic Commerce System Developers, Operators, and Users.; Preventing Unauthorized Access - Information/Theft Espionage. Data Corruption/Sabotage. Unauthorized Use by Authorized Users. The Zombieù Network Problem. Controlling Access by Automated Agents. Protecting the Physical Integrity of Computer Systems (Servers and User Equipment). Mobile Access.; Preventing System Misuse - Fraud. Defamation. Harassment. Personal Use of Business Networks. Monitoring Computer Use and Communications (By Private Parties and Government).; Protecting Data and Intellectual Property - Securing Personal Data/Privacy. Protecting Trade Secrets. Managing Intellectual Property. Property Rights in Information. Securing Special Forms of Data (e.g., Financial, Medical).; Preserving E-Commerce Transaction Integrity - Unauthorized Interception. Verification of Identity of Parties. Authentication of Transaction Content. Secure Payment Systems. Valid Electronic Orders/Contracts. Mobile E-Commerce. ; Online Industry Trading Exchanges, Internet Auctions, and Outsourcing. Antitrust Compliance for Business-to-Business Exchanges. Online Auction Integrity. Security Obligations When Network of E-Commerce Operations are Outsourced. Risk-Sharing/Insurance. ;
  • Jeffrey H. Matsuura Jeffrey H. Matsuura serves as counsel, Alliance Law Group, LLC. He earned his M.B.A. at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and his J.D. from the University of Virginia. He also the author of Managing Intellectual Assets in the Digital Age, Security, Rights, and Liabilities in E-Commerce, and A Managerís Guide to the Law and Economics of Data Networks (Artech House, 2003, 2002, 2000).
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