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Sensor Technologies and Data Requirements for ITS

Sensor Technologies and Data Requirements for ITS

By (author): Lawrence A. Klein
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 568
ISBN: 9781580530774

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Beginning with descriptions of parameters that characterize the flow of vehicles on freeways, arterial roads, and feeder routes, this hands-on book examines intrusive and non-intrusive traffic sensors and associated technologies that measure traffic flow and assist in the management of congestion. You get the latest information about sensors that provide wider coverage areas and a larger variety of traffic flow parameters than the more conventional inductive loops. The operating characteristics of these measuring devices is illustrated through detailed discussions of traffic-responsive arterial signal control, freeway incident detection, ramp metering, electronic toll and traffic management, commercial vehicle operations, advanced traveler information systems, and sensor installation and maintenance issues. Written by an acknowledged authority in the field, Sensor Technologies and Data Requirements for ITS is a convenient reference and textbook that includes valuable information about the functioning of video image processor, microwave radar, infrared, laser radar, ultrasonic, acoustic, magnetic, and inductive loop sensors. The evolution of modern toll tag technology standards and weigh-in-motion sensors are also treated. The book reviews the role of sensors in intelligent transportation systems for mitigating congestion, secondary incidents, travel delays, pollution, and excess fuel consumption. It gives you a convenient analysis of traffic detector data, traffic flow characteristics, sensor performance as measured as part of several U.S. Federal Highway Administration programs, and factors that contribute to measurement errors. This information is expertly associated with traffic sensor technologies currently in existence or soon to come on the market, and it delivers the data you need to plan and design today's intelligent transportation systems, as well as those in the future. The book is referenced with over 140 illustrations and 135equations, including descriptions of algorithms used to support traffic management functions. It helps you select the best sensors for your needs and contains tables that show current sensor applications in traffic management systems and lists of sensor vendors, sensor performance, and interface characteristics.
Sensors in Modern Traffic Management Systems. Traffic Flow Characterization. Applications of Sensor Data to Traffic Management. Data Requirements for Future Traffic Management Applications. Traffic Flow Sensor Technologies. Overhead Sensor Installation Along A Highway. Transponders and Standards for Dedicated Short-Range Communications. Data Fusion at the Traffic Management Center. Sensor Plan and Specification Requirements. Appendices. Exercises. References.
  • Lawrence A. Klein Lawrence A. Klein, Ph.D. is currently a private consultant and was commended by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration for his performance while with the Hughes Aircraft Company as principal investigator on the Detection Technology for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems program. He received his B.E.E. from the City College of New York, his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester (NY), and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from New York University. He is a member of the Freeway Operations Committee of TRB, member of ASTM E17 Group V - ITS, senior member of the IEEE, was co-chair of the SPIE Collision Avoidance and Automated Traffic Management Sensors Conference, and has published 3 other books and over 50 technical papers.
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