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Signal Digitization and Reconstruction in Digital Radios

Signal Digitization and Reconstruction in Digital Radios

Copyright: 2018
Pages: 340
ISBN: 9781630813802

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This comprehensive resource provides the latest information on digitization and reconstruction (D&R) of analog signals in digital radios. Readers learn how to conduct comprehensive analysis, concisely describe the major signal processing procedures carried out in the radios, and demonstrate the dependence of these procedures on the quality of D&R. The book presents and analyzes the most promising and theoretically sound ways to improve the characteristics of D&R circuits and illustrate the influence of these improvements on the capabilities of digital radios.


The book is intended to bridge the gap that exists between theorists and practical engineers developing D&R techniques by introducing new signal transmission and reception methods that can effectively utilize the unique capabilities offered by novel digitization and reconstruction techniques.

Signals and Waveforms; Radio Systems; Signal Processing in Communication Systems; Digital Photo Transmitters; Digital Radio Receivers; Sampling Theory Fundamentals; Conventional D&R in Digital Receivers; Alternative Digitization Techniques; Conventional D&R in Digital Receivers; Digital-to-Analog Converters (D/As); Analog-to-Digital Conversion (A/D) in Digital Radios; Methods of Increasing Speed and Resolution of A/Ds; Novel Digitization Circuits (NCDs) in Digital Receivers; Novel Reconstruction Circuits (NRCs) in Digital Transmitters; Selection of Weight Functions for NDCs and NRCs.

  • Yefim Poberezhskiy

    is a consultant for analog, digital, and mixed-signal processing, digital radios, modems and communication systems. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Moscow Radio Communications Research Institute. He has authored over 200 publications, created 35 inventions and is a Senior Member of IEEE.

  • Gennady Poberezhskiy

    is a senior principal engineer at Raytheon. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. He has authored over 30 publications and holds one patent.

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