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Smart Card Security and Applications, Second Edition

Smart Card Security and Applications, Second Edition

By (author): Michael Hendry
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 328
ISBN: 9781580531566

Hardback $99.00
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This extensively updated, second edition of the popular Artech House book, Smart Card Security and Applications, offers you a current overview of the ways smart cards address the computer security issues of today's distributed applications. Brand new discussions on multi-application operating systems, computer networks, and the Internet are included to keep you abreast of the very latest developments in this field. The book provides you with technical details on the newest protection mechanisms, features a discussion on the effects of recent attacks, and gives you a clear methodology for solving your unique security problems. From user authentication in remote payments, Internet transactions, and telephony - to fraud and counterfeit in card payments - to electronic ticketing, portability, and confidentiality, this comprehensive resource describes the major applications of smart cards. It explains how smart cards are particularly relevant to Internet-based applications, and to payment in the modern world through the use of cryptography, public key infrastructures, and biometrics.
Foreward; Part 1: Background -Introduction. Problem Definition. Specifying the Requirements.; Part 2: Technology - Card Technology. Encryption. Passwords and Biometrics. Chip Card Types and Characteristics. Chip Card Security Features. Multiapplication Operating Systems. System Components. Processes and Procedures.; Part 3: Applications - Telephony and Broadcasting Applications. Computer Networks and E-commerce. Financial. Applications. Health. Transport. Personal Identification. Commercial Structures for Multiapplication Cards. Designing for Security. Looking Forward.; Appendices. Bibliography. Index.
  • Michael Hendry Mike Hendry is a freelance consultant in payment systems and data communications. He is the author of Smart Card Security and Applications (Artech House 1997) and Practical Computer Network Security (Artech House 1995). Mr. Hendry holds an M.B.A. from the International Management Institute, Geneva. and an M.A. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.
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