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Sparse Phased Array Antennas: Theory and Applications

Sparse Phased Array Antennas: Theory and Applications

By (author): Ashutosh Kedar
Copyright: 2022
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781630818784

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This ground-breaking resource gives you the background theories and know-how you need to effectively design active phased array antennas with wider bandwidth and scan volume utilizing sparse array technology. The book shows you how to incorporate aperiodic arrays and sparse arrays as a solution for overcoming the restrictions faced in conventional phased antenna designs – such as blind spots, limited scan volume, large power and cooling requirements, RF path losses, and increased complexity – while adhering to the maintenance of SWAP-C resources widely used in aerospace and defence.


Packed with step-by-step information and research results unavailable in any other single source to date, the book presents new concepts and techniques that potentially can be applied to many critical defense and commercial requirements such as: radars, satcom on move, sonars, weather monitoring, 5G and 6G for mobile communication, fault and crack detection in buildings and underground pipelines, automotive anti-collisions mechanism in automobiles, mine detection, through wall imaging, and more.


The book helps you to understand the fundamental antenna technology being deployed in modern systems and equips you to design problem-solving sparse array models proven by electromagnetic simulations that can reduce the cost and overall complexity of the existing systems. Numerous design studies are documented to validate the theories presented. The book takes into account the functional constraints in designing commercial and military systems while demonstrating provable techniques that are practical and achievable.


This is an important resource for phased array antenna designers interested in utilizing sparse array technology with wider bandwidth and scan volume. The book’s straightforward approach and easy-to-follow language also make it accessible to students and those new to the field.

The Beginning. Antenna Fundamentals. Antenna Arrays. Generalized expression for directivity. Synthesis of Linear Sparse Antenna Arrays. Concentric ring antenna sparse array antennas. Planar sparse array antennas. Use cases for sparse array antennas.
  • Ashutosh Kedar

    currently leads Research & Development activities related to Active Phased Array Antennas for various Radar applications at Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE). He has authored more than 80 research papers in different peer reviewed National/International Journals and Conferences and has a patent on 'Radiating Element for Active Phased Array Radars’ to his credit.

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