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Synthetic Array and Imaging Radars

Synthetic Array and Imaging Radars

By (author): Shaheen A. Hovanessian
Copyright: 1980
Pages: 156
ISBN: 9780890060827

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This important book is the only existing introduction to a major innovation in radar technology. While minimizing the mathematics, Dr. Hovanessian offers a clear, concise overview of the fundamental principles of synthetic array (SAR) and imaging radars. Hovanessian also discusses the many military and civilian applications of SAR, including earth resources investigations, ocean surveillance, spaceborne SAR systems, SEASAT, tactical battlefield reconnaissance, and all-weather intelligence gathering programs. Generously illustrated with tables and figures, this book provides an easily-understood introduction to SAR for students or professionals entering the field, and an excellent review for those already familiar with these important radar techniques.
Real Array Imaging Radars. SAR. Signal Processing Methods. Implementation and Application of SAR. Pulse Compression Techniques and SAR Mechanization. Two-Dimensional Correlation - Design Examples.
  • Shaheen A. Hovanessian
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