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The Business Case for Web-Based Training

The Business Case for Web-Based Training

By (author)s: Tammy Whalen, David Wright
Copyright: 2000
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781580531153

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Web-based learning in academia and private industry - for both in-house training and as product offered to customers - is a rapidly expanding segment of the IT arena. This book gives you the business knowledge and tools you need to decide if web-based training can be a viable and profitable enterprise for your organization. This new book helps you achieve effective implementation of web-based learning by examining the required infrastructures, management tactics, business ramifications, and economic considerations you need to be aware of. It evaluates web-based learning as the emerging vehicle of distance learning, and it also addresses cost-benefit issues of implementing a web-based learning solution, how to market web-based learning, and the business process reengineering associated with web-based learning implementation.
Introduction. Market for Web-Based Distance Learning. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web-Based Distance Learning: Case Study of the Bell Online Institute. Web-Based Competency and Training Management Systems for Distance Learning. Pricing Models for Web-Based Distance Learning. Case Study: Business Process Reengineering for the Use of Distance Learning at Bell Canada. Appendix. Glossary.
  • Tammy Whalen
  • David Wright
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