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Transmission Systems Design Handbook for Wireless Networks

Transmission Systems Design Handbook for Wireless Networks

By (author): Harvey Lehpamer
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 636
ISBN: 9781580535540

This practical new resource gives you a comprehensive understanding of the design and deployment of transmission networks for wireless applications. From principles and design, to equipment procurement, project management, testing, and operation, it's a practical, hands-on engineering guide with numerous real-life examples of turn-key operations in the wireless networking industry. This book, written for both technical and non-technical professionals, helps you deal with the costs and difficulties involved in setting up the local access with technologies that are still in the evolutionary stage. Issues involved in the deployment of various transmission technologies, and their impact on the overall wireless network topology are discussed. Strategy and approach to transmission network planning, design and deployment are explored. The book offers practical guidelines and advice derived from the author's own experience on projects worldwide. You gain a solid grounding in third generation wireless networks with increased capacity requirements, while learning about packet data architecture, and how it will impact future transmission network design and deployment.
Introduction. Basics of Wireless Networks - Historic Background. Existing Wireless Technologies. Wireless Technology Evolution. Satellite Networks. Fixed Microwave Systems. ; Transmission Networks Principles - Wireline Side of Wireless Networks. Digital Transmission Technology. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous. Multiplexing and Inverse Multiplexing. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Voice over IP. Complete T1 Tutorial. Compete E1 Tutorial.; Wireless Network Architecture - Second Generation (2G) Wireless Network Architecture. Third Generation (3G) Wireless Network Architecture. 3G Transmission Networks.; Theory and Principles of Fiber-Optic Transmission - Basics of Fiber-Optic Transmission. Design Principles. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. DWDM. Optical Switching.; Microwave Point-to-Point System Design - Basic Microwave Transmission Theory. Microwave Link Design - Theoretical Aspects. Microwave Design- Practical Aspects. Spread-Spectrum Microwave Systems. Microwave Compatibility and Safety. Coordinate Systems, Datums and GPS. Managing MW Radio Network.; Transmission Network Planning and Design - Overview. General Wireless Network Planning and Design Principles. Transmission System Design. Leased Lines in Wireless Networks. Synchronization - Stratum, BITS and GPS. Transmission Network Optimization. Transmission Network - Design Examples. RNC Dimensioning in 3G Wireless Network. Alternative Solutions in Transmission Networks.; Transmission Equipment - Digital MW Radio. Fiber-Optic Equipment. Wireline Equipment. Cabling. Grounding. Power and Battery Backup. GPS Antennas. Quality and Reliability Issues.; Transmission Network Deployment - Equipment and Services Ordering Process. Regulatory Issues. Services. Project Management in Wireless Networks. Key Sites Selection. Microwave Deployment. Measurement of Radiofrequency Fields. Fiber-Optic Cables and their Installation. Operations and Maintenance. ; Transmission Network Testing and Commissioning - Definitions. Bit Error Testing (BERT) Transmission Network Testing Procedure. Fiber-Optic Cable Testing. Packet Network Testing.; Appendix.- Appendix 1 - Unit Conversion; Glossary. Bibliography. Author Biography. ;
  • Harvey Lehpamer Harvey Lehpamer works as senior project engineer at POWER Engineers, Inc. in San Diego, California. He received his Ph. D. in electrical engineering and his M.S. in radio communications and professional electronics from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia. He has over 30 years of experience in the planning, design, and deployment of wireless and wireline networks including microwave, fiber-optic, and other communication systems and has worked for a number of well-know telecom and wireless, manufacturing, and power utility organizations around the world. He currently teaches 'Microwave Transmission Engineering', at University of California - Extension, in San Diego, and 'Utility Communications' at Gonzaga University, WA.
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