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Understanding GPS/GNSS: Principles and Applications, Third Edition

Understanding GPS/GNSS: Principles and Applications, Third Edition

Copyright: 2017
Pages: 1064
ISBN: 9781630810580

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This thoroughly updated third edition of an Artech House bestseller brings together a team of leading experts providing a current and comprehensive treatment of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) that readers won’t find in other resources. Packed with brand new material, this third edition includes new chapters on the system engineering details of GPS, European Galileo system, Chinese Beidou systems, GLONASS, and regional systems, such as Quasi–Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) and Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC).  Readers also find new coverage of GNSS receivers, disruptions, errors, stand-alone GNSS performance, differential and precise point positioning.


This single-source reference provides both a quick overview of GNSS essentials and an in-depth treatment of advanced topics and explores all the latest advances in technology, applications, and systems. Readers are guided in the development of new applications and on how to evaluate their performance. It explains all the differential GNSS services available to help decide which is best for a particular application. The book discusses the integration of GNSS with other sensors and network assistance.   Readers learn how to build GNSS receivers and integrate them into navigational and communications equipment. Moreover, this unique volume helps determine how technology is affecting the marketplace and where best to invest in a company’s resources.  

Fundamentals of Satellite Navigation; Global Positioning System; GLONASS; Galileo; BeiDou; Regional Systems; GNSS Receivers; GNSS Disruptions; GNSS Errors; Performance of Stand-Alone GNSS; Differential GNSS and Precise Point Positioning; Integration of GNSS with other Sensors and Network Assistance; GNSS Markets and Applications.
  • Christopher Hegarty is a director at the MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA. He received a D.Sc. in electrical engineering from The George Washington University. He currently serves as the Chair of RTCA, Inc.’s Program Management Committee and Vice Chair of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation. He served as president of the Institute of Navigation in 2008 and is a Fellow of the ION and IEEE.
  • Elliott D. Kaplan is a principal engineer at the MITRE Corporation, Bedford, Massachusetts. He earned his M.S. in electrical engineering from Northeastern University. He is the Chair of the Military Division of the Institute of Navigation.


Review by: Jade Morton, Colorado State University - March 1, 2017

The previous two editions of this classic treatment on GPS played an important role in my classrooms to educate our next generation GNSS experts. This new edition is further strengthened with additional coverage on new GNSS and RNSS including GLONASS, BDS, QZSS, and NavIC as well as recent advances in navigation technologies such as precise point positioning (PPP) and hybrid positioning systems. To address the demands on growing new applications of navigation technology, the book provided a timely coverage on techniques to integrate GNSS with low cost inertial sensors and other RF signals available on mobile devices for indoor and other areas with GNSS signal blockage. I am looking forward to share these and other new materials in this new edition with my students.

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