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WIPL-D Microwave Software & User's Manual

WIPL-D Microwave Software & User's Manual

Copyright: 2006
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781580539654

Hardback $449.00
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Offering you the performance and time-saving features of software costing many times more, this new software package serves as fast and accurate design & simulation tool for your projects involving microwave circuits, components, and antennas. It includes an easy-to-use circuit solver and schematic capture, component library, and an optimizer that automates the design of microwave devices and antennas. As a product from the well-know WIPL-D family, it inherits a full-wave 3D EM (electromagnetic) solver. WIPL-D Microwave enables you to accurately de-embed circuit parameters from 3D EM analyzed structures. You can use of-the-shelf predefined library components, or you can interactively build your own composite metallic and dielectric structures. Whenever you perform circuit level simulations, the circuit parameters of included 3D EM components are computed on-the-fly. This cutting-edge software helps you develop such complex structures as RF and microwave filters, matching structures, resonators, directional couplers, power dividers and connectors. The product allows you to choose arbitrary implementation technology, such as microstrip, coplanar, waveguide, and coaxial. Moreover, you can simulate and optimize various antennas, such as microstrip antennas embedded in finite lossy dielectric/magnetic materials, horn-type feeds for reflector antennas, phased arrays along with their matching circuitry, and handset antenna in the vicinity of human head. WIPL-D microwave offers you intuitive visualization of circuits, 3D components and simulation results based on OpenGL graphics. You can easily create frequency response plots for s-parameters, impedance and admittance parameters, and voltages and currents. For 3D EM components, you can plot both 2D and 3D graphs of radiation pattern, near field distribution and distribution of surface currents. System Requirements: IBM-PC running Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, or 98. 256 MB RAM. 50 MB hard disk space.
Introduction. Getting Started. Quick Tour. MW Circuit Design Environment. MW Circuit User 's Guide. 3D EM Design Environment. 3D EM User 's Guide. Plotting and Listing Results. WIPL-D Optimizer. Teaching Examples. How to Solve Common Engineering Problems. Theoretical Background. Component Library.
  • Branko M. Kolundzija Branko Kolundzija is a professor in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where he received his Ph.D. He is the coauthor of Electromagnetic Modeling of Composite Metallic and Dielectric Structures (Artech House, 2002). He is a fellow of the IEEE. He is the principal arhitect of the WIPL-D software packages.
  • Jovan S. Ognjanovic Jovan Ognjanovic is vice president of WIPL-D Ltd. He received his M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He was a senior researcher in the computer system design laboratory at the Institut Vinca. He is the principal developer of the GUI for the WIPL-D software packages.
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