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Wireless Communications Security

Wireless Communications Security

By (author): Hideki Imai
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9781580535205

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Addressing the fast-growing need to integrate effective security features into wireless communication systems, this cutting-edge book offers you a broad overview of wireless security, so you can choose the methods and techniques that are most appropriate for your projects. You gain a solid understanding of critical cryptography techniques, such as private/public key encryption, digital signatures, and block and stream ciphers. You discover how to evaluate cryptography deployment impact on current wireless network architectures, and learn how to implement an effective cryptography architecture for any organization. The book offers the technical know-how you need to understand and work with the security concepts and techniques used for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation mobile networks. Moreover, this highly practical reference shows you how to implement an authentication technique that helps the user roam in different networks while maintaining the role symmetry of the message structure in intra domain and inter domain environments. Additionally, the book discusses the wireless application protocol (WAP), explaining how the protocol works and how to select appropriate cryptographic modules for this technology.
Introduction - Roadmap to the Book. What Type of Book Is This? Terminology. Notations. Cryptography - What is Cryptography? Types of Cryptography. Secret Key Cryptography. Pubic Key Cryptography. ; Security Features in Wireless - General Security Considerations in a Network. Mobile Environment. Limitations of Mobile Environment. Mobility and Security.; Authentication/Authorization/Accounting - Authentication in Mobile Communications. Anonymity. Billing System Architecture.; Security in GSM -Introduction. Security Features. Security Architecture.; Security in 3G Systems and 4G Systems - Security BUGs in 2G System. Added Security Features in 3G Systems.; PKI in Wireless (WPKI) -Introduction of PKI. Characteristics of WPKI. WPKI Technology Specifications.; Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Ć«Introduction. WAP Architecture. WAP Security.; Bibliography. Glossary. Index.;
  • Hideki Imai
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