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Jukka Talvitie

is currently a university lecturer at the Unit of Electrical Engineering in Tampere University, Finland, working in the field of wireless communications, radio positioning and radio-based sensing, particularly focusing on 5G NR and future wireless networks. He has more than 80 international peer-reviewed scientific publications, including journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. In addition, he has contributed to more than 20 patents or patent applications and has acquired extensive experience in working in industry, such as in Nokia, HERE technologies and Renesas. He has supervised more than 25 BSc/MSc students, and more than 5 PhD students. He is currently leading research projects with positioning emphasis funded by ESA (European Space Agency) and Academy of Finland. His research interests include signal processing for wireless communications, network-based positioning methods, radio-based sensing and mapping, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), device tracking and filtering methods, and machine-learning methods for wireless communications, positioning and sensing.

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