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Gregory A. Showman

is a Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a GTRI Fellow, and a Georgia Institute of Technology Regents’ Researcher. He has over three decades of experience in advanced radiofrequency (RF) sensor research and development, with an emphasis on the design and implementation of innovative signal processing techniques for radar imaging, electronic protection, and multi-dimensional adaptive filtering.


Dr. Showman's accomplishments include development of novel techniques for ultrawideband synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and high-precision turntable inverse SAR image formation, methods for polarimetric SAR calibration, electronic protection (EP) against jamming, and space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithms and architectures for airborne and space-based ground moving target indication (GMTI) systems. While at GTRI, he has supported nearly two hundred short course offerings on the topics of airborne pulse-Doppler radar, SAR, EP, and advanced radar signal processing. Additionally, Dr. Showman is a Senior Member of the IEEE and author of two chapters in the Principles of Modern Radar textbook series on radar imaging and stripmap SAR.

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