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Bernhard Esslinger

worked for SAP in various positions in Germany and the United States until 1998. The listed German software company with headquarters in Walldorf (Baden) produces business software. Bernhard Esslinger headed the development department for all security components of the SAP R/3 system, an information system and at the same time SAP's main product line, with which all business-relevant areas of a company can be viewed in context. He was also SAP 's global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) . From 1998 he worked for Deutsche Bank as global head of information security (Head IT Security) in the Corporate Center there and later as head of the competence center for cryptography. In 2013 he left Deutsche Bank. Since 2008 he has been an honorary professor for business informatics and researches and teaches at Faculty III for economics, business informatics and business law at the University of Siegen. CrypTool has been developed under his leadership since 1998 . With this, many concepts of classic and modern cryptography can be grasped in a playful way and corresponding methods of cryptanalysis can be understood. The software has been continuously expanded for more than twenty years and is freely available.

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