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Terry Edwards

was the executive director of Engalco, a consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom mainly specializing in signal transmission technologies and the global industry. He holds an M.Phil. postgraduate degree in microwave research, has led seminars on fiber optics, and has written several articles and books including Fiber Optic Systems—Network Applications (John Wiley and Sons, 1989), Foundations for Microstrip Circuit Design (John Wiley and Sons, 1st edition, 1981; 2nd edition, 1991), and Microwave Electronics (Edward Arnold, 1984). He has been involved with and managed many consultancy programs. Studies completed and published by Engalco include several on the microwave industry in both Europe and North America and, under sponsorship with a North American corporation, microwave-based systems in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Terry travels considerably to conferences and trade exhibitions including Atlanta, Denver, Geneva, Paris, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Santa Rosa in recent years. He is on the editorial advisory board for the International Journal of Communication Systems. Terry Edwards has also acted as an expert witness at a Philadelphia court hearing involving a fiber-optics product technology dispute. A Fellow of the IEE and member of the IEEE, Terry regularly consults for both national and overseas companies and is on the prestigious IEE (London) President’s List of Consultants.

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