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John W. Devitt

is a principal fellow and chief engineer for RVS Tactical Products. He was the director of RVS Engineering with a staff of 275 scientists and engineers. He has the full responsibilities for execution of all engineering objectives including technical, financial, and organizational. His responsibilities on projects that span the full electromagnetic spectrum and major U.S. Department of Defense agencies. These include some of the largest and most significant infrared detector programs including EODAS, 3GEN FLIR, and OPIR. These programs and technologies have broad impact to U.S. objectives and national security.


Mr. Devitt received a B.S. in physics from Stony Brook and an M.S. in physics from OSU. He was an instructor for the UCSB Infrared Short Course and the GTRI Infrared Technology Course and a lecturer for the University of Arizona Radiometry and other courses. He has more than 50 publications and more than 20 patents, as well as 3 books, one iPad app, and one iPhone app. He was a primary contributor to the Photonics Project web site ( Mr. Devitt was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences in 2014 and was awarded as an MSS Fellow in 2016 and as a Principal Fellow in 2017 at Raytheon.

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