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Thomas Sikina

has found a deep admiration for microwave and advanced radiation since Bob Klopack first introduced the fundamentals during the early 1970s. Tom has worked at many leading industrial sources: RCA, ITT Gilfillan, and Raytheon being notable entries. While at Raytheon, he has lead phased array efforts on a wide variety of programs and IR&D at Raytheon for many years. The author or co-author of multiple company internal technical articles and more than 30 patents on phased array technology, Tom has been an active supporter of the Raytheon RF symposium and has taught the internal Phased Array course at Raytheon periodically since 1997. Tom has also been fortunate to serve as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell since 2015, and attributes much of the recent array work to their fiery interest in the subject.

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