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Jihane Mimih

is the Director of Programs for the Center for Multiunit Studies (CMIS) and a Research Assistant Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School. Since 2017 she has been directing research programs in CMIS and conducting research in the areas of maritime domain awareness, anomaly detection, data fusion, quantum optics, and quantum sensing. As director, she oversees program development, center business operations, and execution of research and academic programs in intelligence integration, space systems, data fusion, and technology reconnaissance. She has organized and led focused colloquia and meetings comprised of faculty members, industry, intelligence agencies, and project managers to identify viable sources of data that can be used to enhance key research efforts. Prior to 2017, Dr. Mimih worked as a physicist for the Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, MD, Acoustics Division where she conducted research in theoretical physics to solve outstanding antisubmarine warfare problems focusing on the use of non-acoustic tools. She also performed basic research in the fields of quantum optics and quantum information sciences with the goal of improving the sensitivity of quantum sensors and developing quantum networking relevant to Navy applications.

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