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Will Williamson

is currently an Associate Research Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), where he supports the NPS Center for Multi-INT Studies in the Washington, DC region. His current research interests are in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to various defense and intelligence applications including cyber intrusion detection, characterization of social media influence operations, distributed cognition for small satellite constellations, and multi-sensor/multi-platform ISR systems. Dr. Williamson began his career as a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps and Army National Guard, with corollary duties as logistics officer and intelligence officer. He earned his PhD in experimental condensed matter physics from the University of Toledo while working full-time in support of DARPA programs at the Special Purpose Processor Development Group for the Mayo Foundation. Will spent the next 25 years supporting DoD and the Intelligence Community. He has worked extensively with the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA), in a variety of roles over 15 years. He has worked for Center for Naval Analysis, Institute for Defense Analysis, DARPA, and MITRE Corporation on research projects for each of the Armed Services and several intelligence agencies. He has worked on multi-sensor fusion for detection of naval mines, landmines, and other tactical and strategic targets, has worked on sensor technologies including lidar and vertically interconnected sensor arrays. He has also worked extensively in cognitive systems to support dynamic sensor tasking. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Intelligence at Patrick Henry College.

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