b'INFORMATION WARFARE / ELECTRONIC WARFAREIntroduction to ModernEW Systems, Second EditionAndrea De MartinoIn answer to great demand, Artech House isproud to bring you a newly revised and updatededition of the bestselling book Introduction toModern EW Systems. The second edition hasbeen greatly expanded to include a wealth ofnew material, from remote piloted airborne systems,directed energy weapons, and non-cooperativeair surveillance. to EW radar band sensor nextgeneration architectures, real-time data links,and smart jamming.The Artech House Bestselling EW 100 SeriesContents: Introduction to EW Scenarios; Evolution of Signal Emitters/Sensors; EW RF Band Sensor Systems; RF Direction Finding (DF) and Emitter Location David L. Adamy, Adamy EngineeringTechniques; ECM Systems; ECM Techniques and Sensors ECCM; Appendices.This popular EW (electronic warfare) book series features highly informativeHardcover500 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-513-4$169 and easy-to-comprehend tutorials. Organised into chapters with introductory and supplementary material from the author, engineers get clear, concise and well-illustrated examinations of electronic warfare topic, from EW processing Military Communications and jamming, to spectrum spreading and emitter location systems, to tactical in the Future Battlefield communication radio propagation and detection and jamming of LPI signals. Marko Suojanen EW 104: Electronic Warfare AgainstTaking an applications-oriented view, this uniquevolume delivers a forward-looking roadmap to a New Generation of Threatsmilitary communications. This hands-on referenceContents: Spectrum Warfare; Legacy Radars; Next Generation Threatoffers you insight into the key issues related to Radars; Digital Communication; Legacy Communication Threats;long-term development within the battlefield Modern Communication Threats; Digital RF Memories; Infrared Threatscommunications area. The book presents the and Countermeasures; Radar Decoys; ES vs. SIGINT.technological alternatives for communicationin the battlefield in unexpected situations Hardcover466 pp.2015ISBN: 978-1-58053-869-1$129and environments. Contents: Introduction; Scenario-Based Capability Planning in CommandEW 103: Tactical Battlefield Communications and Control Context; Communications Systems; Situational and ContextElectronic WarfareAwareness; Radio Wave Propagation; Wireless Sensor Networks; Packaged with handy slide rule for quick calculations!Software-Defined and Cognitive Radios; Unmanned Ground and AerialPlatforms; Analysis of Selected Communications Alternatives Related CD-ROM Included! Contains time-saving formulas in spreadsheet formatto Scenario; Conclusion. for the calculation of propagation losses, received signal strength, effectiveHardcover228 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-333-8$139 range, jamming to signal ratio and other important values.Contents: Introduction; Communications Math; Communication ReceivingSystems; Communications Signals; Tactical Communication Radio Propagation; Introduction to Electronic Communications Emitter Location; Communication Intercept; Communications Defense Systems, Third Edition Jamming; Detection of LPI Signals; Jamming of LPI Signals; Appendix ofFilippo Neri Problems with Solutions.This extensively revised and expanded edition Hardcover330 pp.2008ISBN: 978-1-59693-387-3$129of an Artech House bestseller delivers the most up-to-date overview of electronic defense EW 102: A Second Course in Electronic Warfaresystems. Bringing you up-to-speed with the latest technological advances, the third edition details Contents: ThreatsFunctional; Signal; Radar Characteristics; Infrareda completely new method of implementing theseand Electro-OpticsHeat Seeking Missiles; IR Imagery Systems; modern systems. Moreover, this edition is packedNight Vision Devices; Laser designators; Countermeasures; EW against with updated illustrations of key assets, includingCommunication Signals-Radio Propagation; Digital Communication; aircraft, ships, and radars.Jamming; Emitter Location; Spectrum Spreading; Communication Satellite Readers get a solid understanding of how sophisticated electronic warfareLinksPerformance Prediction; Jamming; Accuracy of Emitter Locations-weapon systems work, and how these weapons can be intercepted andEmitter Location Techniques; Error Statistics; Circular Error Probability.electronically jammed. From search and tracking radar, IR systems, and Hardcover276 pp.2004ISBN: 978-1-58053-686-8$129communication systems. to electronic intercept systems, countermeasures, and counter-countermeasures, the book explores a broad spectrum of defense equipment. It explains how these systems operate, the advantagesEW 101: A First Course in Electronic Warfareand drawbacks of each system, and the theories on which these systems Contents: Introduction; Basic Mathematical Concepts; Antennas; Receivers;are based. EW Processing; Search; LPI Signals; Emitter Location; Jamming; Decoys; Contents: Electronic Defense; Sensors; Weapon System; Electronic Intercept Simulation; Appendix A; About the Author; Index.Systems; Electronic Countermeasures Systems; Electronic CounterHardcover328 pp.2000ISBN: 978-1-58053-169-6$129Countermeasures Systems; New Electronic Defense Techniques andTechnologies; Design and Evaluation Criteria.Hardcover560 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-534-9$17918'