b'COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERINGRECENT RELEASE! COMING MAY 2020!Introduction to OFDM ReceiverImplementingDesign and Simulation Full Duplexing for 5GY. J. Liu David CruickshankThis practical book is an accessible introduction This book examines the current state of the artto Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingin developing full duplex (FD) systems in 5G LTE(OFDM) receiver design, a technology that allowscellular communications. The book also considers digitized data to be carried by multiple carriers. what can be achieved with ferrite-based circulators It offers a detailed simulation study of an OFDMin terms of size reduction and performance algorithm for Wi-Fi and 4G cellular that can beenhancement, especially at millimetric frequencies. used to understand other OFDM waveforms. The relative merits of ferrite and non-ferriteWi-Fi digital communications are based on circulators are compared in terms of theirseveral IEEE 802.11 standards. Extensive simulation studies are includedfundamental materials and device technologies.using the transmission waveform given by the IEEE 802.11a standard. Contents: Full Duplexing; Self Interference; SI reduction-Solutions fromContents: Discrete Time Signals and Discrete Fourier Transform; Academic Groups; Non-Reciprocal Magnetism Physics; Practical Spatio- Single Carrier Modulation; Multi-Carrier Modulation; OFDM Transmission;Temporal circulation approaches;Limitations of Semiconductor basedShift-Register Sequence and Data Scrambler; Radio Wave PropagationCirculators; Current Ferrite Circulator Technology; Unbiased FerriteModel; Error Correcting Codes and Interleaver; OFDM Signal Detection Devices; Newer Transmission Line Technologies; New Materials andSynchronization; Channel Estimation and Tracking; Data Decoding; Packaging; Comparison of Ferrite and Semi-conductor based Circulators Simulation Study of a Multipath Channel on OFDM. for Full Duplex; Future Full Duplex 5G Applications.Hardcover260 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-738-1$159 Hardcover300 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-695-7$159RECENT RELEASE! COMING 2020!5G New Radio: BeyondThe Handbook of Next Mobile Broadband Generation Emergency ServicesAmitav Mukherjee Bart Lovett and Barbara KempFifth-generation cellular radio access networks This book presents Next Generation Emergencyare currently being standardized as 5G New Services, to help implementers, regulators, legalRadio (NR). The primary objectives of 5G NR areand technical professionals to understand howto provide enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB)the introduction of this new approach to delivering and ultra-reliable low latency communicationemergency services will impact their work.(URLLC) capabilities. This innovative resource Beginning with an overview of the field andanalyzes these applications in detail to help explaining what will change as the transition isreaders understand how the flexible design made from circuit-switched to IP-based networks, of NR makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases and applications. the book provides guidance and detail related to the technologies that The rationale behind the design decisions made during the NR standardizationenable Next Generation services; the current state of emergency services; process are explored.how to plan and execute a move to a standards-compliant NG9-1-1 service Contents: The Road to 5G New Radio; NR Radio Access Network; including the network design, the operations and maintenance procedures, Network Architecture; Disaggregated 5G RAN; NR in Unlicensed Spectrum;and the legal and regulatory requirements and mandates. Vehicle-to-Anything (V2X); Fixed Wireless Access; Industrial Internet ofContents: Next Generation Emergency Services; Anatomy of NG9-1-1Things; NR User Equipment Positioning; Mobile Backhaul; Ultra-Reliable Implementation; Infrastructure; Neighboring Jurisdictions;Low Latency Communications; Multi-access Edge Computing; Access CarriersOriginating Service Providers; Large Customers;Non-Terrestrial Networks; Power Saving and Interference Management; Test PlansKey Components and Samples; Cutover; Ongoing Operations; The Road Ahead for 5G Systems and Beyond. Emerging Solutions; Legal and RegulatoryFinancial; International MarketHardcover320 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-640-7$139 for Next Generation Emergency Services.Hardcover270 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-652-0$149RECENT RELEASE!Telecommunication ElectronicsDante Del Corso, Vittorio Camarchia, Roberto Quaglia, and Paolo BardellaThis practical, hands-on resource describesfunctional units and circuits of telecommunication systems. The functions characterizing thesesystems, including RF amplifiers (both low noiseand power amplifiers), signal sources, mixers and phase lock loops, are explored from an operational level viewpoint. And as all functions are migrating to digital implementations, this book describes functional units and circuits of telecommunication systems (with radio, wire, or optical links), from functional level viewpoint to the circuitdetails and examples. Contents: Radio systems; Amplifiers; Mixers and special functions; Phase Lock Loops; Analog/Digital converters.Hardcover260 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-736-7$17920'