b'SOFTWARE ENGINEERING / IT / PROJECT MANAGEMENTRECENT RELEASE! Software Configuration Practical Project Management Management Handbook,for Engineers Third EditionNehal Patel Alexis LeonThis exciting resource guides readers through This updated third edition is a complete guidea step-by-step process on how to deliver quality,to implementing, operating, and maintaining a robust products and services while strengtheningsuccessful SCM system for software development. teams and customer relationships. Drawing on Readers are presented with not only the basicsthe authors extensive knowledge in aerospace andof SCM, but also the different phases in thedefense contracting, Practical Project Managementsoftware development lifecycle and how SCM for Engineers shares real world examples to recoverplays a role in each phase. This book does notschedule, cost and performance, explaining the tools, techniques, and rely on one specific tool or standard for explaining the SCM conceptsmethodologies to ensure success. It compares NASA, Department ofand techniques; In fact, it gives readers enough information about SCM,Defense (DoD), and Project Management Institute (PMI) processes and the mechanics of SCM, and SCM implementation, so that they canprovides best practices that work in the real world to deliver quality successfully implement a SCM system. products on time and on budget. Contents: The Software Development Process; Pitfalls in the SoftwareThis book applies the Pareto Principle, which focuses on the 20% Development Process; Need and Importance of SCM; Basic Concepts;of the material that contributes to the majority (80%) of success to Configuration Identification; Configuration Control; Status Accounting;help engineering managers to move a project from contract award toConfiguration Verification and Audits; Advanced Concepts;delivery while increasing productivity tenfold. This book is a how-toSCM Standards; Software Process Improvement Models and SCM;manual for those struggling to get their projects under control as well SCM Plans; SCM Organization; SCM Tools; Documentation Managementas for new project managers looking who need a holistic view of and Control & Product Data Management; SCM Implementation;project management. The Different Phases of SCM Implementation; SCM DeploymentContents: Introduction; Scope Management; Requirements Analysis; Models and Transition Strategies; Source Code Repositories;Communication; Configuration Management; Schedule Management; SCM Implementation Challenges; SCM Operation and Maintenance;Resource Management; Earned Value Systems; Procurement; SCM in Special Circumstances.Risk Analysis. Hardcover436 pp.2015ISBN: 978-1-60807-843-1$83Hardcover336 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-585-1$129ArTECH ACCESSeBOOK COLLECTIONSNEWLY UPGRADED eBOOK PLATFORM NOW AVAILABLE!DRM-FREE Files!Enhanced Search Capabilities Across Entire CollectionMore Intuitive InterfaceFree Trial Available RF & Microwave Engineering Defense Engineering Communications & Network EngineeringComputing & Security Mobile/Satellite Communications & GNSS Power & SensorsAntennas & ElectromagneticsContact Kate Skypeck at kskypeck@artechhouse.com25'