b'TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER SECURITYBig Data Analytics RECENT RELEASE! for Connected Vehicles The Penetration Testers Guideand Smart Cities to Web ApplicationsBob McQueen Serge BorsoThis practical book presents you with the This innovative resource provides both professionals application of big data analytics to connected and aspiring professionals with clear guidance on vehicles, smart cities, and transportation systems. how to identify and exploit common web application This book enables you to understand how data vulnerabilities. The book focuses on offensive security analytics can and will expand the design and and how to attack web applications. It describes engineering of connected vehicles and smart each of the Open Web Application Security Project cities. You will find extensive case studies and (OWASP) top ten vulnerabilities, including broken examples that provide a strong framework authentication, cross-site scripting and insecurefocusing on the practical application of data sciences and analytic deserialization, and details how to identify and exploit each weakness.tools for actual projects in the field. Readers learn to bridge the gap between high-risk vulnerabilities and exploiting Contents: Questions to be Addressed; What is Big Data?; The Connected flaws to get shell access. The book demonstrates how to work in a professional Vehicle; Smart Cities; What are Analytics?; Analytics Applications; Use Cases;services space to produce quality and thorough testing results by detailing the Building a Data Lake; Case Studies; Benefits and Costs; Summary.requirements of providing a best-of-class penetration testing service. It offers insight into the problem of not knowing how to approach a web app penHardcover312 pp.2017ISBN: 978-1-63081-321-5$139 test and the challenge of integrating a mature pen testing program into an organization. Based on the authors many years of first-hand experience, this book provides examples of how to break into user accounts, how to breach Autonomous Ground Vehicles systems, and how to configure and wield penetration testing tools.Umit Ozguner, Tankut Acarman, and Keith Redmill Contents: Introduction; OWASP A1:2017 Injection; OWASP A2:2017Hardcover292 pp.2011 ISBN: 978-1-60807-192-0$142Broken Authentication; 4 OWASP A3:2017 Sensitive Data Exposure;Highway Traffic Monitoring and Data Quality OWASP A4:2017 XML External Entities (XXE); OWASP A5:2017 Broken Michael Dalgleish and Neil HooseAccess Control; OWASP A6:2017 Security Misconfiguration; OWASP Hardcover266 pp.2008ISBN: 978-1-58053-715-5$105 A7:2017 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS); OWASP A8:2017 Insecure Deserial-Intelligent Transport Systems Standards ization; OWASP A9:2017 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities; Bob WilliamsOWASP A10:2017 Insufficient Logging & Monitoring; Beyond the OWASP CD-ROM2008ISBN: 978-1-59693-291-3$175 top 10; Testing as a Consultant and Adding Value. Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends Hardcover201 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-251-5$99Richard Bishop Hardcover386 pp.2005ISBN: 978-1-58053-911-1$119 COMING AUGUST 2020! Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Medical Device Cybersecurity: Systems PlanningMashrur A. Chowdhury and Adel SadekA Guide for Engineers and Hardcover210 pp.2003ISBN: 978-1-58053-160-3$99 Manufacturers Advanced Traveler Information Systems Axel Wirth, Christopher Gates, and Jason SmithBob McQueen, Rick Schuman, and Geoff HalsteadThis comprehensive book provides a completeHardcover260 pp.2002ISBN: 978-1-58053-133-7$99 guide for medical device manufacturers seekingSensor Technologies and Data Requirements for ITSto implement lifecycle processes that secureLawrence A. Kleintheir premarket and postmarket activities.Hardcover568 pp.2001ISBN: 978-1-58053-077-4$164 This step-by-step book educates manufacturers Tomorrows Transportation: Changing Cities, about the implementation of security best practices Economies, and Lives in accord with industry standards and expectations, William L. Garrison and Jerry D. Wardadvising the reader about everything from high-level concepts to real-world eBook341 pp.2000ISBN: 978-1-58053-096-5$54.50 solutions and tools. It walks the reader through the security aspects of every lifecycle phase of the product, including concept; design; implementation; supply chain; manufacturing; postmarket; maintenance; and end of life.It details the practices, processes, and outputs necessary to create a secure medical device capable of gaining regulatory approval and meeting market entry requirements.Contents: Why Secure Medical Devices?; Establishing CybersecurityFocusIntroduction; MDM Development Lifecycle; MDM Maintenance Cycle; Health Delivery Organization Lifecycle; Documentation and Artifacts;Roles and Responsibilities; Security Technology - Select Topics;Select Topics/Deep Dives; Appendix.Hardcover260 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-815-9$159order at artechhouse.com 23'