b'POWER ENGINEERINGMicrogrid Design and OperationIEC 61850 DemystifiedToward Smart Energy in Cities Herbert FalkFrederico Delfino, Renato procopio, MansuetoThis comprehensive overview of 61850 standard/ Rossi, Stefano Bracco, Massim Brignone, protocol focuses on implementation, taking you and Michela Robba through the development and concepts ofBased on the extensive real-world experience IEC 61850. This includes the initial work by General of the authors, this cutting-edge resource provides Motors (Manufacturing Automation Protocol), EPRI a basis for the design, installation, and day-by-day (UCA 1.0 and UCA 2.0), IEEE (TR 1550), and IEC management of microgrids.61850. The standard is a significant piece of manyIIoT (industrial internet of things) strategies forContents: Introduction; Technology Overview:substation communication. Devices and Equipment; Microgrid Installations:Contents: Introduction; What Makes IEC 61850State of the Art; Communication and Monitoring Systems for Microgrids;Different; History of IEC 61850; The Need for Speed: Networking versusModelling and Simulation for Microgrids; Optimization for Microgrid Hardwire; Harmonizing IEC 61850 and IEEE TR1550; Structure of the IEC Planning; Optimization for Microgrid Management; Forecasting Tools; 61850 Standard; Read Before Proceeding: Use of UML in this Book; Integration Islanded Microgrids; Commercial Tools for the Management of Microgrids;Patterns; Basic IEC 61850; IEC 61850-7-2 and IEC 61850-7-3; Engineering;From Design to on Field Installation: A Practical Case Study; Client and Server Communications; Impact of Cybersecurity.From Microgrids to Smart Cities.Hardcover336 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-150-1$139 Hardcover332 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-329-1$159Plug-in Electric Vehicle The Smart Grid as an Application Grid Integration Development PlatformGeorge Koutitas and Stan McClellanIslam Safak Bayram and Ali TajerThis authoritative resource explores the powerThis authoritative resource introduces you to grid from its classical role as a utility or serviceplug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), energy storage, provider towards its new role as an applicationand converter technology. The architecture for development platform.sustainable charging infrastructures and capacityplanning of small scale fast charging stations areContents: Smart Grid Model; The Power Grid atexplored. This book highlights how PEVS provide a Glance; Drawbacks of Current Network Design; services to the grid and how to build and design Smart Grid Elements; The Cloud Environment ofsustainable transportation systems.Application Providers; User Centric Applications;Transactive Energy Economy; Summary and Conclusions.Contents: Part 1Electrification of Light-Duty Vehicles; Introduction toPlug-In Electric Vehicles; Enabling Technologies; Bottlenecks for Electric Hardcover220 pp.2017ISBN: 978-1-63081-109-9$103Vehicles Penetration; Part 2Architectures, Control, and Optimization; Battery Model; Charging Facility Design; Capacity Planning of a Large Scale Plug-In Vehicle; Capacity Planning of Small Scale Fast Charging Stations;IoT Technical ChallengesOptimal Arrival Rates; Optimal Service Rates; Facility Location Problem; and SolutionsLoad Balancing and Demand Forecast; Part 3PEVs for Ancillary Services;Arpan Pal and Balamuralidhar PurushothamanVehicle-to-Vehicle Technology; Vehicle-to-Grid Technology; Miscellaneous.This practical resource highlights the systematicHardcover276 pp.2017ISBN: 978-1-63081-051-1$149 problems Internet of Things is encountering onits journey to mass adoption. You are offeredsolutions to key questions about IoT systemsPower Grid Resiliencytoday, including potential network scalabilityfor Adverse Conditions issues, storage, and computing. Security and privacy Nicholas Abi-Samra are explored and the value of sensor-collecteddata is explained. Written by a leading expert in the field, this Contents: Internet of Things Today; Scalabilitypractical book offers you a comprehensive of Networks, Storage, and Computing; Security and Privacy; Sensorunderstanding of the impact of extreme weather Informatics and Business Insights; Mobile Sensing; Democratizingand the possible effects of climate change on theAnalytics - Analytics-as-a-Service; Real Internet of Things.power grid. This book explores proven practicesfor successful restoration of the power grid, Hardcover208 pp.2016ISBN: 978-1-63081-111-2$119increased system resiliency, and ride-throughafter extreme weather.Contents: Effects of Heat Waves on Power Systems; Effect of DroughtsElectrical Product Complianceon Hydroelectric Power Plants; Effect of Droughts on Thermoelectric Powerand Safety EngineeringPlants; Extreme Weather Effects on Directly Buried Underground Cables;Steli Loznen, Constantin Bolintineanu,Effect of Heat Waves on Distribution Transformers; Effect of Lack of Groundand Jan SwartMoisture on Transmission Line Performance; Effects of Heavy WinterPrecipitation on Transmission Line Insulation; Effects of Heavy Winter This comprehensive new resource is designedPrecipitation on Transmission Line Corona Losses; Effects of Winter Stormsto guide you in product compliance and safetyon Power Systems; Effects of Winter Storms on Wind Turbines; in order to develop more profitable products,Structural Hardening Against Storms; System Resiliency. contribute to customer satisfaction, reduce therisk of liability, and build confidence in meeting Hardcover336 pp.2017ISBN: 978-1-63081-017-7$124 requirements of standards and regulatory bodies.This book analyzes sets of concepts, principlesand methods, and highlights how they shouldbe applied in the field. International regulations, product safety standards, failure analysis, risk management, product safety concepts, selection ofcomponents, product construction, testing for compliance and safety.Hardcover488 pp.2017ISBN: 978-1-63081-011-5$14930'