b'POWER ENGINEERINGCOMING MAY 2020!COMING 2020! Li-Ion Batteries and Applications,A Systems ApproachVolume 1: Batteries to LI Battery Management,Davide Andrea Second EditionVolume One focuses on the Li-ion cell and its Phil Weickertypes, formats, and chemistries. Cell arrangementsThis updated second edition covers practical and and issues, including series (balance) and parallel analytic concepts for the design, optimization, (fusing, inrush current) are also discussed. selection and analysis of battery managementLi-ion Battery Management Systems are explored, systems for large format lithium-ion battery packs. focusing on types and topologies, functions, Automotive and stationary energy storageand selection.applications are discussed. Hardcover550 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-767-1$159 Contents: Introduction; Lithium Ion Battery Fundamentals; Battery Management System Fundamentals; Architectures; Measurement; Control; High VoltageElectronics Fundamentals; Communications; Power Limit Algorithms;COMING MAY 2020!Charge Balancing; SOC Estimation Algorithms; SOH Estimation Algorithms;Li-Ion Batteries and Applications,Fault Detection; Hardware Implementation; Software Implementation;Volume 2: Applications Safety; Robustness and Reliability; Best Practices; Future Developments.Davide Andrea Hardcover426 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-681-0$149Volume Two focuses on small batteries in consumer products and power banks, as well as large low COMING JANUARY 2020! voltage batteries in stationary or mobile house power, telecom, residential, marine and microgrid.Electric Systems Operations: Traction batteries, including passenger, industrial,Evolution to the Modern Grid, race vehicles, public transit, marine, submarine Second Editionand aircraft are also discussed.Subramanian VadariHardcover420 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-769-5$159 This completely updated second edition includescase studies and focus on the business of systemNEW RELEASE!operations. The broad range of actions undersystem operationsall the way from transmission Renewable Energy Technologyto distribution is also explained. and Resources Contents: Introduction; Define System Operations; Nader Anani Introduction to Power Systems; Impact of Deregulation on System Opera-This exciting new book presents an excellent tions; Business of System Operations; Control Centerthe Hub of System coverage of renewable energy technologies Operations; Energy Management Systems; Outage Management Systems; and resources. The book focuses on photovoltaics,Distribution Management Systems; Distributed Energy Management System; hydro, tidal, wind, and biomass systems. It explainsSystem Operator Training Simulators; Conclusions.the scientific principles and physical systemsHardcover300 pp.2020ISBN: 978-1-63081-688-9$139used for harvesting and harnessing of renewable resources and makes comprehensive use ofworked examples and problems.Smart Grid Redefined: Contents: Introduction: Basic Concepts; Photovoltaics Part I: Background Transformation of theMaterial; Photovoltaics Part II: Characteristics and Circuit Modeling of Electric UtilityPV Cells; Photovoltaics Part III: PV Arrays Operation and Characteristics;Photovoltaics Part IV: PV Generating Systems; Hydro Energy; Tidal Energy; Subramanian VadariWind Energy; BioEnergy; Costing a Renewable Energy Project. Written by a leading expert in the utility field,Hardcover172 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-573-8$149 this practical resource guides you in the evolution of the Smart Grid and offers insight intodistribution automation, storage, and microgrid. Lithium Ion Battery Failures This book highlights the journey to electric utility 3.0 and provides solid examples and includesin Consumer Electronics real-world case studies.Ashish Arora, Sneha Arun Lele, NoshirwanContents: Introduction; Smart Grid Redefined; Distribution Automation- Medora, and Shukri Souri Path to a Self-Healing Grid; Energy Storage-Electric Value Chain Disruptor;This comprehensive resource caters to system Distributed Energy Resources-Challenge of Integrating Supply/Demanddesigners that are looking to incorporate lithium Diversity; Microgrids-Fragmentation of the Grid; Data Analytics-Bringingion (li-ion) batteries in their applications. Intelligence to the Grid; Electric Transportation-First Mover to a MobileDetailed discussion of the various system Carbon-Free Future; Smart Homes and building-The Final Frontier; considerations that must be addressed at theElectric Utility Transformation; Transformed Utility-Springboard todesign stage to reduce the risk of failures in a Smart City.the field is presented.Hardcover370 pp.2018ISBN: 978-1-63081-476-2$159Contents: Li-ion Cells: Types and Constructions; Commonly used Terminology; Li-ion Energy Storage System Design; AC Adapters and their Requirements;Li-ion Battery Charger Requirements and Designs; Battery Protection CircuitConsiderations; Industry and Abuse Standards; Physical Construction ofBattery Packs; Field Failures and Investigation Tools; Fire Investigations;System Checklists.Hardcover238 pp.2019ISBN: 978-1-63081-603-2$13929'